1st Blogging Conference

June 10th, 2012

Omigosh!   Returned home today from Blog Her Food 2012 — my 1st food blogging conference.  Well, my first blogging conference ever!  What an amazing experience to meet/chat/socialize with hundreds of people who are passionate about food!  (note to self: business cards

And I had a beautiful room at the Renaissance Hotel as well as a delicious meal (and mediocre wine but you can’t win ’em all), a short walking distance from the event hotel.


Ohhh … king bed was heaven

View from door

My only gripe is about the coffeemaker — no cups just Styrofoam cups? Oh and why no light switch to enter the bedroom???

I met great folks — Heather, United States of Motherhood, Megan, the Gluten Free Vegan, and the irrepressibly Jan, Heckerty especially stood out and of course, meeting Ree Drummond aka the Pioneer Woman was a special highlight.  She is as friendly and gracious in person as she seems on her blog and TV.  Yes there was a pic taken and no I’m not showing posting on my blog.  YES, we love cowboys!  AND THE FOOD ….. No more needs to be said.

Wish I had taken pics of the sweet potato crabcakes instead

Even better was the enormous focus on learning.  Finally I am starting to understand how social media is re-shaping our society and how businesses sell products/find customers.  More importantly I see that blogging can be a business or a hobby.  Knowing which one it is and keeping that front and center is critical.

I have a voice (for those who know me, you can insert “loud” voice) and am clear as to who I am as a ‘brand.’  It’s the technical stuff I need to learn — improve my photography skills, network with other bloggers, learn how to use all aspects of social media (woohoo Instagram and Pinterest I now know how to use!).

It’s exciting and frightening to stretch my comfort zone and develop new skills.  It doesn’t hurt that I’m going to new cities for conferences … wheeeeeeee, travel’s always fun.

To my new friends from BlogHer Food 2012 — see you in Austin 2013.




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