I’m happiest in an airplane or sitting at the dinner table with friends, good food and wine.

Eclectic collector of life experiences, travel adventures, wine, Chanel handbags, cowboy boots, cast iron  and Pyrex, not necessarily in that order! Turning 50 opened a door to new phase of life —  a content acceptance of who I am and what I want in life.

Fairly certain  I want more good food and wine and great travel experience.  Come along on my journey!

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  1. Alyssa Arroyo says:

    Yoohoo!! Hello! I’m Alyssa Arroyo. I’m 45 years old and girl I have to say you are NOT ALONE with your misbehaving bladder. I saw your You tube video recently and when you were describing what you deal with it sounded like what I got through!

    My bladder kind of rules my life right now. I gotta pee like every hour and a half now and the urge is so strong I have to run a beeline to the restroom or else it’s an accident! so yeah… I too am looking to find a good pad or adult diaper so I can take back control!

    Please please respond back so we can get through this together!

    Your girl, Alyssa

    • Chanel Babe says:

      I found you! Been thinking about you -how’s your bladder? 🙂 I recently found that I have a ‘village’ of fibroids which is pressing on my bladder and probably causing some of my leaky bladder issues


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