Ah, the cool winds of fall

September 13th, 2013

It’s Friday, Sept 13 and the cool winds of fall are blowing through my living room windows.  I forget how much I love Fall, how much I look forward to the autumnal equinox, and the changing of the leaves.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves


Being a New Englander, it took many (many) years before I noticed the subtle change of seasons in Los Angeles.  But now that my eyes are trained, I look forward to catching the leaves turn.  A part of me longs for the vibrant explosion of colors in the Northest — Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire or, my home state, Massachusetts.

How do the trees know “now” is the time?  How is it different species turn different colors?  I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation — don’t share it! — I prefer the mystery of Mother Nature.  It’s the same question I ask of unborn baby — how does the baby know ‘now” is the time?

I digress — ok, I rambled — because I was talking about the cool winds of fall, signaling Mother Nature’s forward movement to Fall.  Unconsciously my taste bud have started craving heartier food, heavier wine.  The taste of white or rose wine falls flat to me, yet I sit here enjoying a delicious glass of a cabernet sauvignon — a wine I couldn’t drink a mere 2-3 weeks ago.

My cast iron sits ready for use — braised short ribs, osso buco, stewed veggies, baked breads!  The thought of it all makes me giddy!

Doesn’t make you giddy thinking of all the dishes you’re going to make once the weather cools?  Oh, cool winds of fall! Please keep blowing.



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