Blogging at Bloggy Boot Camp Baby – Say that 3 times fast

October 14th, 2012

Learning more about Blogging in Sin City

Spent the weekend in Vegas.  No, not gambling.  I went to Bloggy Boot Camp! Woohoo!  A fun-filled 1-day blogging conference for beginning and novice bloggers.

What a great day!  A great group of dynamic women in an intimate setting.  Tiffany Romero, co-founder of Bloggy Boot Camp, holds nothing back, speaking with knowledge and passion about the blogging world.  She preaches “vision of your blog” and “support of each other.”  It’s true.  There are more than enough opportunities for bloggers who want them; it’s not a “if I help you get yours, I won’t get mine” situation.

It’s true that one blog cannot be all things to all people nor can one blogger hope to be all things to brands.  Each of us has a unique voice that will appeal to the appropriate audience.  Question is how hard is one willing to work to find that audience?

Ford’s Warriors In Pink – United in the fight against Breast Cancer

More importantly, the 1st segment was devoted to breast cancer.  Ford’s Warriors in Pink sponsored a video and Tina Herold, a breast cancer survivor, spoke about her fight with breast cancer and the inner strength which makes her a warrior.

My Benefit

For me, the price of admission was worth the opportunity to meet some of my midlife idols — Caryn of  The Midlife Guru,  and Jane of Midlifebloggers.  There were many other women — an assortment of moms, singles, young and old.  Business cards and blogs I’m still sorting through!

Of course, seeing the ever-awesome Michelle of Gluten Free Gabber was icing on a very delicious (non-fat, mind you) cake!  It’s hard to describe the feeling of meeting someone and having an instant connection.  Yup, Michelle rates very highly on the new friend meter.

I knew there was a community of women bloggers, even a local community in SoCal, and at this conference I tapped into it.

Bloggy Boot Camp was also a good kick in the butt, a reminder that I need to stay focused on why I blog.  Surprisingly, it’s not only about potential for $$ — a huge part of blogging for me is connecting to other people in the same stage of life, about building a community.


2 Responses to “Blogging at Bloggy Boot Camp Baby – Say that 3 times fast”

  1. Kay Lynn says:

    I enjoyed meeting you at BBC. I just signed up for Camp Blogaway. Will I see you there?

    • Chanel Babe says:

      Hi Kay Lynn – thank you for the email because it reminded me that I need to register. Yes, I just signed up for Camp Blogaway. Hope all’s well with you!

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