Chanel #15

I’m still photographing my Chanel collection.  I should photograph my YSL MUSE collection too.  They are my favorite but I never carry them.  Odd.  Granted the straps are not shoulder straps and that’s make them a pain in the arse to carry.

Chanel Alligator
Chanel Alligator


I love this bag.  I love the look of quality construction, the pebbly yet smooth feel of the alligator and it’s size.  So sad that Chanel alligator jumbos are over $30,000 today.

This is one of the “never gonna give you up” purses …. well, I suppose if someone offered 5 figures to sell it, I’d have to consider it.  Next time i’ll post a pic of my black alligator.  Another keeper.  I need to buy matching cowboy boots!    How expensive are alligator boots?

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