IFBC 2013 – Day 2

September 20th, 2013

IFBC 2013 – Day 2!  Weather in Seattle remains perfect so I spent the morning walking and wandering the city, looking for thrift stores.   Should’ve thought about Seattle being a city of hills – steep ones.  I made it back to the conference in time to 1) register, 2) grab a bite to eat – chipotle sponsored bowls and 3) hear the keynote speaker, Dorie Greenspan.

I’m sorry I didn’t know of Ms. Greenspan before her speech.   She is self-effacing, modest, a genuine personality with a subtle wite.   Her success is the result of hard work, a passion for baking and also a desire to share great chefs and their recipes.  Her message was clear:  BUILD COMMUNITY.

A great benefit of IFBC in general is a chance to meet other bloggers.  Definitely one of the conference’s best benefits.

Following Dorie and her uplifting message, we had a live blogging session, sponsored by Amazon.com Grocery.  This was similar to last year’s live blogging where small business owners presented their products to each table.  I preferred last year’s format, to be honest.   This session felt as if we were being sold products, not introduced to new exciting products.

And the sugar – Most of the products were overwhelmingly full of sugar.  Does it matter if the sugar is organic or not when there’s too much of it?  Of the 10-15 products, I would buy 3 and yes, made sure to have extra to pack in my luggage.

Sahale Snacks

Sahale Snacks

Sahale Snacka

Manuka Doctor Honey


After the sugar rush, most of us needed naps.  Instead I sat in WordPress session.  Oh my.   Where the heck is my pillow?

On a positive, we each received coupons for a free 3-day cleanse from Suja Juice.  Can’t wait.

As usual, IFBC 2013 had an incredible assortment of items for SWAG.  Old favorites and new exciting products (lagrima vanilla, anyone?) Bob’s Red Mill is always a favorite and I’m thrilled to have a bag of their granola.  Don’t know why I only eat granola in Scandinavia.  Maybe Bob’s Red Mill granola will change that.  🙂

From gift bag to food — some of the best in Seattle!  I cannot lie.  I didn’t experience all the fine restaurants represented but I did find 2-3 favorites and went back repeatedly!  I mean repeatedly!   My personal favorite being huitlacoche tamales!  I lost count at 4.

Stuffed with SWAG and food, off to bed I went. (no there are stories of crazy late night adventures.  I save that for my European trips!)

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