IFBC 2013 – Day 3

I’m sore.  The hills and 6.43 miles I walked yesterday won the debate with my butt and thighs.    No matter, I managed to drag myself out of bed and to breakfast for one of the highlights of the conference — breakfast by Pastry Smart @PastrySmart! Was it delicious? Fantastic? Filling?  A resounding yes to all 3.  For Francophile, it was heaven, charcuterie, freshly made biscuits, yogurt and fruit (who cares?  it was about the biscuits) and other deliciousness.  I stopped at 3 biscuits filled with black forest ham!  Oh my.IFBC 2013 Breakfast

Let’s see this from a different angle. 🙂

IFBC 2013

The breakfast topic was “What Matters Most: Conversations on Humane, Organic & Sustainable Food Production Practices in a Millenial World”  Choosing the food we eat is no longer about going out in the yard and selecting what’s available — it’s a trip to the market to pick from thousands of choices of good-looking food-type products.  But most of us don’t consider where it comes from or, in the cast of protein sources, how it was raised.  I enjoyed hearing about the Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) and its certified program.

The special part of the evening was dinner.  Urbanspoon Dine-Around Dinner ! Urbanspoon sponsored over a dozen tables at some of Seattle’s best restaurantsQuite a feat on a Saturday night at prime dinner time.  Somehow I was grouped with a Gluten Free table but it didn’t matter.  IFBC 2013

The meal and wine pairings were delicious.


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