New Home and renovations

October 22nd, 2017

Phew!  New house, new state, new coast!  The past month has been ‘hella’ something.  A 4 day cross country drive – never doing that again! – and now settling into the house.  Slowly.  Very slowly.  Glacial slowly.

The move seemed to go smoothly.  I arrived with a carload, mostly cases of wine, firearms and ammunition.  Did you know alcohol and ammunition can’t be transported by regular movers?  Wine should be moved by expensive wine movers who have trucks with refrigeration.  I opted to chance ruining my wine by moving it under the radar.  My original plan was to ship the car and fly to Virginia but that plan derailed when I realized I couldn’t move the ammo.  Guess I should’ve gone to the range more.

The movers arrived Tuesday and everything looked in fine condition except one of my favorite pieces – my 1920’s sideboard.  It arrived with a hole in the middle and the moving company says the standard insurance has a $5,000 deductible.  The 16 boxes that didn’t fit in the moving van were sent by Greyhound Freight and they arrived perfectly intact and less than $350!

I think I question myself every other day – what have I done? Why did I leave LA? and it’s usually when I walk into the basement and see ALL my stuff.  I had the movers move all boxes into the basement because of the kitchen reno.  I don’t understand where ALL this stuff came from but it’s a lot, mainly kitchen stuff.

Which leads to my current dilemma: my kitchen is being renovated and it’s almost 80% complete.  I’m struggling with the dust, mess and clutter because I want to 1) put stuff away and live in the kitchen and 2)  arrange for a donation pickup of the stuff I’m not keeping.

I wanted to upload pictures but I can’t figure out how to access my photos on my MacBook.  I’ll figure that out before the next post.  Maybe even share a photo of the basement in its current state of chaos.  Hopefully I can do a before/after post of the kitchen, too.

[Edited: figured out how to access Photo Library on MacBook.]

RIP to sweet Daisy.  She crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and will be sorely missed.

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