Retirement Planning – Step 1

One of the inevitable tasks of midlife is planning for retirement.   In 15-20 years, I’ll be retirement age.  Do I plan for it or let it happen?

Naturally I’m on Team Planning!

Preplanning is the dreams of retirement versus the reality of retirement.  What, where, and when are the 3 questions that lead to “how much.”  Because the best dreams of retirement depend on the bank balance at retirement.

What do I want to do? This one is most difficult for me.  A part of me is considering politics  because a bigger part of me wants to make this country better.  Then I want to open a breakfast/lunch cafe because I love cooking and love food.  Let’s not forget travel.  Do I want to live abroad?  Can I afford a small flat in the south of France?  Do I join the Peace Corps or work the National Park Service?

Where do I want to live?  Look for this in an upcoming post.

When do I want to retire?  Look for this in an upcoming post.

Have you thought these questions?  Have you started your retirement preplanning?

Writen by Chanel Babe

Hitting my stride in my 50s. An eclectic collector of wine, Chanel(r) purses, vintage teapots, cowboy boots and travel adventures. This is my MIDLIFE adventure . Welcome onboard~

Thank you for joining me on this journey in midlife!