RIP Lucy

A friend’s dog died today.  She was hit by a car while chasing the family’s cat.  Lucy wasn’t my dog but she was my favorite office dog.

She was a pug, an alpha diva pug.  Any new dog in the office had to accept her rank and position or there was hell to pay. Very quickly, employees learned that Lucy went psychotic when another dog was picked up in her presence.

Nothing personal mind you; she just tried to kill the other dog.  She kew our office was her domain.  After all, she was the Original Dog in the Office.

She was sweet and smart and in all her quirkiness, I liked her.

And she’ll never come into our offices again.

In a split second, her life — and her owner’s life — changed.

Life’s like that, isn’t it? Going along at its usual pace and then BOOM! Something is forever changed.  There’s no rhyme nor reason — some of the changes are positive; some are negative.

Lucy was loved, cherished and adored.  It is this knowledge that her owner finds comfort in.

For me, I think about the BOOM — on an ordinary Monday, on an ordinary start of the work day, an extraordinary event happened and now there’s a hole in our office, in our hearts, where Lucy once roamed.

Writen by Chanel Babe

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