Vintage Cast Iron Collection

September 2nd, 2013

Along with my Chanel collection, I collect vintage cast iron.  This past weekend my vintage cast iron collection grew substantially!  I had the pleasure of heading to Illinois for a cast iron auction, mainly vintage cast iron.  Yup, they have auctions specifically for cast iron.  This was the 3rd auction (out of 7) for the lifetime collection of a gentleman.  I went to the same auction last March and it was overwhelming!  1,000 pieces of cast iron waiting to be re-homed.

I adopted quite a few pieces to add to my cast iron collection.  Some are duplicates (maybe even triplicates) so I see Ebay in my future.    My vintage kitchen is the size of a postage stamp (maybe a little larger but not much) with 1920’s storage, meaning there’s not much!  Unlike a lot of folks at the auction with “buildings in the back yard” and 200-1,000 pieces, I only have my kitchen and decaying garage.  My pieces have to be useful.  But it’s so hard.

The unspoken history in each skillet, each pan fascinates me.  My skillets date back to the 30’s, the youngest, to pre-1880, the oldest.  I wonder what meals were cooked in them, what family had them and how did the skillets leave them?

Pray for me that I don’t die with over 7,000 pieces .. .where will I store them?

Where do you store yours?  How many do you have and do you use them all?


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