World Food Championships Las Vegas

November 1st, 2012

Woohoo! Off I went to the inaugural World Food Championships in Las Vegas as a sweepstakes winner  The Daily Meal.  A foodie’s dream 3-day weekend and I was thrilled to attend.

Thursday evening was the WFC Champions Reception benefitting Keep Memory Alive (KMA) held at the Paris Hotel & Casino’s pool.  Welcome Competitors!

World Food Championships

World Food Championships

An Ice sculpture at the entry to the World Food Championships Reception

Delicious small bites at stations scattered around the pool, with 2 liquor bars.  There was risotto, ceviche, sushi and sashimi, pork belly, short ribs, and several types of meatballs.  As example,

World Food Championships

BBQ Pork Meatball on Pee Wee Potato Salad Sign

World Food Championships

Delicious! BBQ Pork Meatball on Pee Wee Potato Salad

To say I was thrilled that the bar had Belevedere vodka is a slight understatement! (I pass on showing a pic of my drinks)  On the other hand, my favorite nibble — without exception — was the

World Food Championships

Fried Bacon Mac & Cheese on White Cheddar Sauce

World Food Championships

OMG! Fried Bacon Man & Cheese on White Cheddar Sauce

Yeah…LE SIGH.  LE SIGH again.  I guess I should sigh 6 times because that’s how many I ate.  Don’t judge me until you’ve been tempted by these.  They were that good.

Our host, Adam Richman, in opening the competition, spoke eloquently not only food and the World Food Championships but also of Keep Memory Alive.

World Food Championships

Host Adam Richman welcoming competitors to World Food Championships

Food is what connects us to those we love yet there’s nothing more devastating than the loss of a loved one’s mind, personality and memories.

KMA strives to create greater awareness of neurocognitive disorders, educate families about cutting edge treatments, research and caregiver services, and promote risk reduction through lifestyle behaviors that encourage healthy brain aging.  (source:

Competitors are home cooks, restaurateurs and caterers and each of them won a qualifying competition to earn the invitation.  Truly these are the best of the best within the 7 categories.

World Food Championships

2 Members of Team “This is It” from LaGrange, Texas, competing in BBQ competition


World Food Championships

Everette and Penny Brown, Team Swine Time BBQ, from Myrtle Beach SC, competing in BBQ competition


Kaylynn and Kurt of Team “Insane Chili Posse” from Tucson AZ, competiting in Chili competition


World Food Championships

Winona Krieger of Sadie’s Pantry, competing in Side Dish Competition

Two Judges – World Food Championships

It was a fun start to an intense competition!

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