Chanel #14 – Chanel GST

August 27th, 2013

ah, another Chanel GST, Grand Shopping Tote, that brightens up my handbag closet.  This Chanel is a mere 5 years old, carried 2 times.  As much as the bag, I seldom carry white bags.  As much as I’d like to be a woman who lunches while carrying her Chanel GST effortlessly on her shoulder,  I’m not.

Chane GST - White

Chanel GST in White Caviar Leather with bright gold hardware

I’m a woman who wears bright colors with jeans (jeans very bad for white leather!) and who casually sets my purse on the floor if there’s no place to set it.  Yes, yes, I know one should never set her purse on the floor but I’m practical — I’m not going to eat with a purse slung over my shoulder or in my lap. I did invest in a purse hook — several, matter-of-fact.  After my Chanel GST fell to the floor a few times, the purse hook went missing.  Still, I seldom carry this bag.  I hate the idea that will get stained blue from rubbing against my jeans or dirty from being placed anywhere. Being a Chanel addict is quite tiring!  Over the next few weeks, I’ll share more of my collection with you, specifically Chanel GST, as we head into fall.  Maybe someone will convince me to “re-home” them?  Do you carry white handbags?

Chanel GST

Chanel GST in White Caviar

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