Asian inspired Mahi Mahi

September 18th, 2012

Today’s Hamburger Day!  Woohoo!

But after heading to the gym and forgetting my pants and sneakers, I headed home and opted for fish.  Mahi Mahi sounded good.  Not as good as a cheeseburger but filling nevertheless.

2 thawed Mahi Mahi fillets

1 Chilean, 1 California, 2 Bordeaux – Cabernet

In the meantime, I opened 4 bottles of wine – 1 Chilean Cabernet, 1 California Cabernet and 2 Cabernet-based Bordeaux.

Yea, possibly overkill on red wine but can you ever have too much wine?


Simple ingredient list













Marinating Mahi Mahi







Asian inspired Mahi Mahi

I ate this alone because I was too lazy to make a side dish.   Oh and I switched to white wine with the fish …. yes, that would be 5 bottles of wine.

Asian inspired Mahi Mahi and Amani Sauvignon Blanc



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