IFBC 2012 Portland Oregon – SWAG takes a life of its own

August 26th, 2012

Day 1 concluded with 1) Oregon Wine Tasting and 2) Food Fair.  Me and my girls (yes!  I had “girls”), Tara, Michelle of Gluten Free Gabber and Maria, winery owner and author of The Life and Times of a Pinot Mom indulged our love of wine and, thanks to Maria, learned a few things about Oregon Pinot Noir.

Onward to Taste of Oregon Food Fair and SWAG table.   SWAG = Stuff We All Get and oh boy did we get stuff!  Lots of food products from Hinoda, Bob’s Red Mill, and my personal favorite, a pig shaped cutting board!  There was so much other stuff I can’t remember….oh, there was chocolate!  Grand Marnier truffles.

As soon as I unpack the suitcase, I may post photos of all the SWAG.  For now, just know I had to buy a larger suitcase to bring home all the SWAG …. and pay $50 in baggage fees because my suitcase weighed 60 lbs!  (note to self: don’t go for all the SWAG.  It may not really be free!)

2 Responses to “IFBC 2012 Portland Oregon – SWAG takes a life of its own”

  1. Tara says:

    Hey girl! Totally agree about the SWAG. It’s so overwhelming what they’re giving away when you’re in the moment, but when I got home, I’m thinking — why did I pick up that?? Although that pig cutting board is adorable and on display in my kitchen already! 🙂

    • Chanel Babe says:

      Tara! Let me tell you that pig cutting board is fantastic! And my friend really appreciated all the rice, cereal, couscous, etc It was worth bringing it back for her and her family.

      I did keep the wooden spoons 🙂

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